Saturday, January 3, 2009

Catch Up

One of my favorite authors, Barbara O'Connor, has a fantastically interesting blog that I love reading. I just checked it for the first time in a few days and I was especially impressed with the wide-range of topic she has posted since I left school for Christmas break. Now, it is important to keep in mind that I am currently in my classroom PRETENDING to get things set back up for students on Monday . . . but I always tend to wander back to Greetings from Nowhere.

Reading Barbara's blog reminds me that I am not yet a true writer. I talk with students all the time about how great writers are constantly brainstorming for ideas. They find the smallest, seemingly most insignificant occurences in everyday life and write big, grand, crafted works from it--or at least include pieces in some work at some point.

I started this blog as a way to grow in my own writing, however, I am realizing that I am not doing much growing!

Therefore, I am making it ONE of my New Year's Resolution to be a better blogger. Essentially, to be a better writer.

I realize there are only a few who even read my blog, but that is great for me. This is a place for me to express my thoughts. Perhaps it's a good thing some don't read it. HAHA

To 2009, the year of the writer!

Derek :)


Nikki said...

Extra! Extra!! Derek all about it! See you in the morn, augh!

Barbara O'Connor said...

Well, I read your blog. HAHA! :-)

Your blog came up thru Google Alerts and I was blown away. At first, I was just going to keep quiet, but dangit, I can't. I was so flattered to read that you enjoy my blog and more importantly, that you like my books. You sound like a wonderful teacher. I work with kids all the time and I am always so inspired by teachers like you, who try to model for their children the very things they are teaching them and expecting THEM to do.

Say hi to your students for me. And thank you so much for your support.

Keep up the writing!

All best,
Barbara O'Connor